Meet the Team


Dana F., Salem, Oregon
Business Professional.
doTERRA Premier Leader. With her passion for helping others and advocating for a more natural way to support health and wellness, Dana inspires and educates others on how to use essential oils effectively. Her instinct for blending oils together for targeted wellness, give her leaders and clients a unique and fun experience. 


Teresa K., Salem Oregon
Hair stylist, color specialist.
Teresa knows that feeling good about yourself is just as important as how you feel physically. She loves sharing the benefits of essential oils with her clients so they feel just as good inside on a daily basis, as they do when they leave her salon with a fresh cut and color.


Gina N., Wilsonville OR
Business Professional.
Gina brings a wealth of knowledge to the team with her Ph.D. in Social Public Policy and Leadership, master’s degree in counseling,  certification as a master herbalist, and associate professor at Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU). As a leader in the mental health industry, she continues to advocate for better care. By sharing her love of essential oils with others, she helps them find hope and peace.  


Savanna C., Salem, Oregon
Real-estate Agent
Savannah’s passion for working with youth allows her to share her love of oils with the younger generation, teaching them the natural alternative essential oils can provide and instilling in them a way to support health and wellness as they grow into adults.


Samantha B., Salem, Oregon
Samantha’s love for sharing the benefits of essential oils with families and their children brings her so much joy.  She has vast experience using essential oils with children with special needs and other challenges. Teaching them about essential oils and how to use them, allows them to make their own choices of what essential oil they want to use daily, plus provides an opportunity for them to build confidence. 


Katie C., Salem, OR
Wife, Mother, Photographer
Katie enjoys sharing how to use essential oils with families. She has found great success in supporting her children with their daily wellness needs. She continues to seek out families’ who have lost hope and need someone to step in and share easy solutions that work.

Mike L., Salem Oregon
Real-estate Agent

Mike’s passion for music is just as important as living a healthy lifestyle. To help keep him and his musician friends in tip-top shape, Mike uses and shares essential oil blends that help achieve the outcome other musicians need to keep the music playing. 

Melody C., Salem, Oregon
Internet Marketing

Melody is a longtime promoter of living a non-toxic lifestyle and the passion to help others achieve this is easy when she can share her love of essential oils with them. While developing websites for her clients, Melody confidently uses essential oils to help her stay energized and focused. 

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doTERRA Wellness Advocate, 419181 


Connect with Dana

Family. The photo to the left is of Dana’s Grandfather and his siblings. Family can be positively impacted when an essential oil is shared with just one family member. Dana wants you to feel like part of her family when she shares this experience with you.  

Explore the opportunities on how essential oils can help improve your overall wellness. If you would like to know more about these suggestions or have questions, please click here.

Essential oils

  • Support the immune system
  • Relieve occasional sleeplessness
  • Relieve head and neck tension
  • Reduce anxious feelings, help relax and soothe away tension
  • Relieve occasional or mild heartburn, occasional upset stomach, and aid digestion
  • Aid in mental alertness
  • Reduce seasonal and environmental threats

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