I thought I knew what essential oils were before I fell in love with doTERRA essential oils. I was wrong! I will be forever grateful that the doTERRA founding executives, a mix of healthcare and business professionals came together in 2008. They had a mission to build a company built on honesty, and integrity and to create tested-grade essential oils they could share with the world.

I don’t take doTERRA’s mission for granted. I will be eternally grateful that they let no one stomp on their dreams. They had seen for themselves the incredible benefits that can be had from using these precious essential oils for wellness. They knew if they put in the hard work, kept their faith, determination, and persistence that they could offer the best essential oils in the world. Their dream has been realized, and you and I reap the benefits!

Do you know that in Latin, “doTERRA” means “gift of the earth”? Wow. Even their name was carefully selected to convey the importance of essential oils.

I want to help empower you and your loved ones with health and wellness through the use of doTERRA essential oils.

I’ve always had a compassion for helping people and have so much gratitude that doTERRA gives me this opportunity. They have such a big heart too! Their commitments and goals are to make a positive difference in the lives of farmers, harvesters, and distillers who contribute to doTERRA’s oil production continues to amaze me.

The Impact
They currently help families in over 45 counties who produce over 140 essential oils. When these farmers partner with doTERRA, they are taught sustainable farming practices so they can have sustainable jobs and reliable income to support their families. 

Global Botanical Sourcing Map

Purity, chemical and toxic free, no synthetics or unknown contaminants. If these are words resonate with you and connect with your soul, I invite you to learn more about CPTG Certified Pure Tested Grade® protocols! The purity of an essential oil is the most important characteristic when choosing what essential oil to use in your home and with your family. When an essential oil is adulterated or contaminated, it becomes less effective. I love that doTERRA puts the purity of an essential oil above all else! They use ethical standards for quality-controlled testing methods, and these methods help ensure the essential oils we use for wellness are pure, free from contaminants, and synthetic fillers. Yay!

Be honest with yourself. Do the essential oils you use to give you and your family the results you were hoping for? Ask yourself “why should I use doTERRA essential oils over another brand”? Then ask yourself the following questions:

Plant quality: Are high-quality plants used to produce their essential oils and are they grown in the right conditions with the right farming practices? 

Production practices: What safety procedures are in place to guard against contamination during the production process and do they cut costs by adding synthetic fillers which adulterate their oil? 

Testing methods: Is each batch of essential oil tested using impartial third-party testing and are the results available to the public? Does the company have its team of scientists to do their in-house testing and if so, what testing methods are used? doTERRA uses Organoleptic testing, Microbial testing, Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, Fourier-transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR), Chirality testing, Isotopic analysis, and heavy metal testing. 

Storage and handling: Are the oils carefully processed, packaged, and stored to avoid chemical alterations caused by exposure to heat or light?

Until doTERRA put in the hard work of research and ethical sourcing, there were no essential oil industry standards. BUT GUESS WHAT? Now there is! For example, doTERRA’s Bulgaria grown Lavender essential oil is the first Lavender essential oil that is considered pharmaceutical grade. Thank you doTERRA! I don’t know what will come next, but it will be exciting and I get to share it with you when it happens!

I can’t wait to inspire you to learn more about these amazing oils! (Back to Top)

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Essential oils

  • Support the immune system
  • Relieve occasional sleeplessness
  • Relieve head and neck tension
  • Reduce anxious feelings, help relax and soothe away tension
  • Relieve occasional or mild heartburn, occasional upset stomach, and aid digestion
  • Aid in mental alertness
  • Reduce seasonal and environmental threats

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